Amazon adds feature for buying multiple copies of an ebook

Amazon has added a new feature to its Kindle store on to enable authors or readers to buy multiple copies of an ebook in a single order.

It is, however, an awkward method they’ve come up as Amazon creates a set of redemption links when you buy multiple copies and you then have to send those links on to readers who have to go through the process of redeeming the links.

There aren’t any discount deals offered for multiple ebook buys and authors earn royalties based on the price and royalty option selected at the time of purchase. Royalties accrue only when the ebook is redeemed.

Unredeemed copies can be refunded within 60 days or re-gifted at any time. The ebooks cannot be exchanged for gift cards or other products.

Free titles and pre-order titles are not eligible for bulk purchase.

Amazon says a multiple ebook order will be considered when evaluating Sales Rank but the quantity of copies within that order will not be considered. This is presumably to stop anyone trying to game their way into the best-sellers’ list with multiple purchases.

Recipients of ebook copies from a multi-copy purchase can leave non-Amazon Verified Purchase reviews.

You can make a multiple buy of an ebook or just buy a single copy for someone else by going to a book’s detail page and selecting Buy for Others.

You can find out more about buying multiple copies of ebooks at Amazon.

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