Amazon Advertising adds France, Italy and Spain for KDP authors

Amazon has now added France, Italy and Spain to the list of countries covered by its advertising scheme for KDP authors.

Amazon Advertising has been available in the US since 2015 but it took until October this year for the UK and Germany to be added and now it’s being extended further throughout Europe.

The new countries being added are relatively minor markets for ebooks but it is nevertheless a welcome move and could provide indie authors with a low-cost way of reaching new readers.

Competition and costs have increased considerably in the Amazon Advertising US sector as established publishers and authors have opted to spend big to back their books. Advertising is a massive growth area for Amazon and it is making inroads into the business hinterland of many of its rivals.

If you have an eligible book published on Kindle Direct Publishing that’s available on,, or, you can begin advertising it in those countries today.

How to advertise on Amazon Advertising in France, Italy and Spain

To start advertising in France, Italy and Spain, go to the Bookshelf on your Kindle Direct Publishing account and click Promote and Advertise on the right of the page under Kindle Ebook Actions.

Under the Run an Ad Campaign box there is now the option to Choose a marketplace from a dropdown menu. You now have a selection from (US), (UK), (Germany), (France), (Italy) and (Spain).

With Sponsored Products you can:

  • Get your books noticed by using keyword or product-targeted ads.
  • Control your budget and create campaigns.
  • Learn what works through detailed reports.

This is how setting up an ad campaign looks like in French but you can change the language to English.

If you need to change the language in the advertising console, sign in and click your user name next to the question mark in the header bar to select one of the available options from the dropdown menu.

You can find out more about advertising with Amazon Sponsored Products here at the Amazon website.

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