Amazon Advertising adds Kindle Unlimited KENP pages read metric to performance dashboard for authors

Amazon Advertising has added Kindle Edition Normalised Pages (KENP) Read to the performance dashboard so authors can get a better measure of the return on their ads.

This is a very welcome addition to the Amazon Advertising reporting facility and is something that authors have been wanting for some time.

The new metric is, if course, only applicable to authors with ebooks enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. KENP Read is the estimated number of normalised pages attributed to a Sponsored Products campaign from customers who borrow a book from Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

KENP Read is automatically enabled, with data reported as of July 15, 2020. You can find it under the Campaign details for an ad. If it’s not showing, click on the Add Metric box.

Amazon says the KENP Read metric operates when a customer clicks a Sponsored Product ad featuring a Kindle ebook and then borrows it through KU or KOLL.

If the customer reads 120 normalised pages on day 1, Amazon will attribute 120 normalised pages to day 1 within your campaign dashboard and downloadable reports. If the customer reads the rest of your book — for example, 100 pages — on day 2, those pages will be reported on day 2.

This metric helps you understand the volume of pages read after customers click your ads. Clicks associated with advertised titles are tracked and attributed to reading events for the same titles up to 14 days after customers click the ad.

The estimated number of pages read attributed to a campaign are reported to the specific date when readers actually read the pages. Even if reading devices are offline when the reading events occur, Amazon’s system will update the KENP Read metric for a certain date when the devices are online, so you may notice slight updates on the metric for certain dates as devices send reading events.

Amazon points out that KENP Read metrics in an Advertising account only reflect estimated pages read that are attributed to an ad campaign for your book when a customer clicks on an ad and then reads pages of a book within 14 days after the click. The total number of read pages in a KDP report includes pages read from books obtained without clicking on your ad.

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