Amazon expands KDP Select All Stars bonuses and boosts monthly cash to $1.5 million

The KDP Select All Stars Bonus program will expand to all KDP Kindle Unlimited marketplaces in May and to more books in existing marketplaces.

To cover this expansion, the bonus will increase to $1.5 million a month. Amazon says it is continuing to improve how to recognize books that delight readers and bonus allocation will be adjusted to use a variety of signals in addition to pages read.

The bonus scheme has previously been available only in the US, UK and German marketplaces, but will now cover,,,,,,,,,,, and

The All Stars bonuses were brought in during 2014 after Kindle Unlimited was launched and some best-selling authors saw their monthly revenues plummet.

The payouts have been around $500,000 a month to the top 100 most-read authors and the top 100 most-read titles. In the US marketplace the top 10 most-read authors got $25,000 apiece, and lower-placed authors were on a sliding scale from $10,000 to $1,000.

The new changes to how the All Star bonuses will be allocated will be interesting as Amazon says it will use a wider variety of criteria rather than just pages read to assess who gets the cash.

The KDP Select Global Fund is independent of KDP Select All Stars bonus and is unaffected by this change. The May KDP Select All Stars bonus will be released along with the KDPS Global Fund on June 15, 2022.

You can get further details about KDP Select All Stars on the Amazon website.