Amazon KDP Expanded Distribution widens out to include the UK market

Kindle Direct Publishing’s Expanded Distribution option for print books now includes distribution into the UK.  Expanded Distribution adds to the usual sales channel of being available through Amazon websites to help you reach more readers through bookstores, online retailers, libraries, and academic institutions.

Booksellers and libraries buy paperbacks through large distributors and KDP’s Expanded Distribution will make your book available to distributors so booksellers and libraries can find your book and order it.

The Expanded Distribution option has been available to independent authors and publishers internationally, although it only offered access to distributors in the US, but this has now been extended to distributors in the UK. It’s free to enrol your paperback in Expanded Distribution and allows your book to be made broadly available outside of Amazon.

Enrolling your paperback in Expanded Distribution doesn’t guarantee it will be accepted by distributors or ordered by booksellers or libraries. The decision to list your book lies with distributors and the decision to order your book is down to the individual booksellers and libraries. When an order is made, KDP cannot provide details on which booksellers and libraries bought your book.

The problem with Expanded Distribution through KDP is that many bookstores will not buy through an Amazon service. IngramSpark remains the main route for most indie authors who want to get wide distribution with their print books as you can set your own wholesale discount to attract booksellers. Distributors Draft2digital and PublishDrive also feature print book distribution.

KDP’s Expanded Distribution offers authors a 40% royalty rate for a print book, based on list price in the distribution channel, minus printing costs, any taxes, and withholding. The usual royalty rate for paperbacks on KDP Print sold through Amazon marketplaces is 60%, minus print costs, etc.

Standard color books are not eligible for Expanded Distribution.

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