Amazon updates Kindle Previewer to give bird’s-eye view of book layout with Enhanced Typesetting

Amazon has released a new version of its Kindle Previewer software which will now let you take an overall view of your layout featuring Enhanced Typesetting.

You can use Kindle Previewer 3 to get a bird’s eye view of your book and check out the overall layout. When Enhanced Typesetting is enabled for your book, you can preview pages as adjustable thumbnails, allowing you to validate your book faster than before.

The new features and improvements in Kindle Previewer 3 include:

  • Review multiple pages at once, with the ability to adjust the size of the preview pages to your preference.

  • Easily identify and preview key aspects of your Enhanced Typesetting-enabled book, such as images, links, tables, lists, drop caps and table of contents.

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of your Enhanced Typesetting enabled book to validate the overall layout faster.

  • Easy navigation options to review images, lists, tables and dropcaps without having to go through the entire book.

  • Regular updates with access to latest Kindle layout and typographic features that come with Enhanced Typesetting.

  • Reflects the layout of the book as delivered to Kindle customers with the latest Enhanced Typesetting features.

  • Simplified installer for Mac and Windows that does not require you to manually download additional software.

  • Full-page previews without having to scroll.

  • Ability to change the fonts during preview.

  • Separate navigation pane for quicker page navigation.

  • Faster text search, page navigation, and book re-open.

Kindle Previewer 3 is available for Windows and Mac and can be downloaded from this link at Amazon. There is an excellent user guide available from this link at Amazon.