Amazon upgrades Author Central with single site for worldwide pages

Amazon has introduced several improvements for Author Central which mean you can now manage your Author Page, claim your books, and view your reports for multiple marketplaces from a single Author Central site with a single account.

The updated look of the new Author Central makes it easier to search for titles, view reports, and update your page.

Amazon Author Central is now mobile-friendly, and works well on a phone, a tablet, or a computer.

This is certainly a long overdue upgrade for Author Central as it’s been about six years since the format was last changed and authors have had to sign in to several different national stores to add books to their Author Central pages around the world.

You might want to check your Author Central pages carefully as there do appear to be some mistakes made in importing books from older versions as authors have noticed some of their books are missing and some have had books added that aren’t theirs. These are probably very much in the minority but are concerning, particularly as there is still no facility for an author to delete a book. You can add books but not delete them as this has to be done by contacting Amazon, which is a very roundabout way of doing something that could be achieved with a single click.

If you already have an Amazon Author Central account, you can sign into Amazon Author Central and start using the new version right away. If you don’t have an account but have published a book, then you can sign up at Author Central.

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