Amazon’s KDP offers A+ Content section for authors to build detail pages with modules

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is offering KDP authors the chance to use new A+ Content which lets you add images, text, and tables to your Amazon detail pages.

KDP says A+ Content can help authors:

  • Drive conversion as readers have everything they need in one place to make an informed buying decision.
  • Increase sales — improve the performance of ads, deals, and other promotions with a visually engaging detail page.
  • Build a customer base by encouraging repeat purchases by sharing more information about you and your books, such as an author story and series details.

You can find the section for A+ Content by clicking Marketing at the top of any page in your KDP account.

There are a lot of different layouts you can make with this new facility and there is a guide to what’s available on the Amazon website. It basically involves using a choice of 17 modules to build author and book detail pages which are displayed under the From the Publisher section. The exact location varies but most readers will need to scroll to view the content. You can use up to five modules per detail page layout.

You can create one A+ Content project and apply multiple book ASINs to it, to add A+ Content to different format detail pages. You can duplicate a project and re-order or remove modules and add text and images. Authors can also suspend or delete their projects.

This is quite a development from KDP and certainly offers a lot of scope for authors to build some interesting promotional and informative layouts. It adds to recent Amazon initiatives for KDP authors such as supporting book series-related content on series detail pages, which was introduced in March 2021.

It will probably take some time and practice to get to grips with the new A+ Content facilities but it’s well worth testing it out as it offers an exciting opportunity for authors to build up their presence and impact on their book detail pages.

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