Barnes & Noble Press and Nook ‘back in business’ after attack on online systems

One month after being hit an attack on its online systems, Barnes & Noble Press says most B&N Press and Nook services have been restored and the firm is close to bringing the remaining functions back online.

The latest update on the B&N Press projects page says, ‘Work is almost complete on restoring back-end systems. Most services are operating as normal including sales reporting, updating metadata, changing prices, and uploading files.

Two outstanding issues remain:

  • Content published around the outage period may still experience inconsistencies
  • Processing cover images to and device We are confident both these issues will be resolved within the week. As we continue to see progress, we appreciate your patience and support.

The problems with the B&N Press and Nook systems started in mid-October around October 15 and have been reported by a range of sources to have been a malware attack, possibly with a ransomware aspect.

Barnes & Noble faced problems earlier this year when it brought in 90-day delays in processing payments to indie authors. The company reversed the policy after concerns from ebook distributors

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