BookBub Ads will now show comparative performance statistics for multiple target authors

BookBub has added an extra layer of performance statistics to its advertising platform.

The BookBub Ads platform operates by allowing advertisers to pick author targets and/or genre targets for their book ads. For example, you pick an author target such as Stephen King and the ad for your book is shown to people who are fans of King.

Most advertisers pick multiple author targets for their book and you can now view the CTR, eCPM, eCPC, and impressions for each individual target on a single ad campaign. Click on the ad name or select View Details from the main ads dashboard to navigate to the ad details page and then click the Aggregate Stats tab on that page. (CTR = Click-through Rate, eCPM = Effective Cost per 1,000 impressions, eCPC = Effective Cost Per Click).

The company say they’ve added this facility for advertisers to be able to compare author targets and decide which ones are the most effective for their ads. It really should make testing ads much clearer and quicker.

BookBub Ads is a great program and can be very effective but it needs some careful attention paid to performance statistics if you’re going to make sales as it’s also very easy to waste a lot of money.

It’s well worth spending time looking into how the platform works and I’ve found that author and self-publishing marketing expert David Gaughran is a great help with articles on his website setting out just how to go about running BookBub Ads. He has also written a terrific book, BookBub Ads Expert, which is an absolutely essential read for anyone even considering advertising on BookBub. It’s available as an ebook at and

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