How to build a website with a quality free WordPress theme

Clear up the background

Let’s start by clearing the page up. It’s got a rather funereal dark background so we’ll get rid of that for a white backdrop.

This is the black background with the header removed, don’t worry if you haven’t got rid of the header, we’ll come to that shortly.

Go to Appearance and click on Background, which is second from the bottom of choices, to bring up the Custom Background settings. Go down to the bottom and select background colour from the box under Display Options as shown below in the screen shot. I’ve set it to #ffffff which is the hexadecimal code for white but you can also drag the colour selector up to the top left to set white. Remember to Save Changes.

Change the background from Appearance/Background and pick a colour. Removing the dark background has lightened up the page and made things clearer.

However, I now see there’s a shadow around the main body content. I want to remove this so the main body area and the background blend together.

There isn’t a setting to do this so it requires a couple of lines of CSS code to get rid of the shadow. Don’t worry if you don’t know any CSS, I’ll provide the bits and pieces you need. In this case, it’s very simple:


#container {

box-shadow: none;



That’s all you need. Copy this code and go to Appearance/Edit CSS and paste the text in after the Welcome intro. Hit the Save stylesheet button on the right.

Shake off the shadow with a few lines of CSS in the CSS Editor.

If you take a look at your site preview now you should see something like the screen shot below with a nice clean look.

Turn to the next page where we’ll customise the body text