Createspace makes expanded distribution free

In another move from Createspace, the firm is making Expanded Distribution free after previously charging $25 per title.

Expanded distribution offers access to more online retailers, bookstores, libraries, academic institutions,and distributors and should improve book discoverability.

The distribution deal includes:

  • Bookstores and online retailers: online and offline retailers such as Barnes & Noble and distributors such as Ingram and NACSCORP.
  • Libraries and academic institutions – distribution through Baker & Taylor to libraries and academic institutions.
  • CreateSpace Direct – certified resellers through the Createspace wholesale website.

Many independent bookstores in the US and UK refuse to stock Createspace-published books as a protest against Amazon. Barnes & Noble’s involvement in Createspace’s expanded distribution might seem odd but B&N takes the distribution list from Ingram, also a Createspace rival, so customers can order a Createspace book through a store or online but they won’t see it stocked on the shelves in a B&N branch.

It can take up to six weeks for a title to start showing in the expanded  channels and changes to any details, such as list price, selling information (such as product description), or book files can also take up to six weeks to update. The channels don’t update simultaneously, so the previous details will continue until the change propagates throughout the channels.

To sign up for expanded distribution, log in to your Createspace account and click on your book’s title. Select the Channels page, check the selection of Expanded Distribution channels if your book is eligible and save.