Damaged brings up best-selling double for H M Ward

H M Ward is one of the most prolific and successful authors self-publishing on Amazon and this week sees her with two books on the New York Times Bestseller List with Damaged at No 6 and The Arrangement 6 in 18th place. It might soon be a hat-trick for Holly Ward as the seventh instalment of The Arrangement has just been published and already has over 50 five-star reviews on Amazon within the first two days of publication.

On Facebook, Ward describes herself as a bestselling paranormal dystopian young adult author. The Arrangement is a wildly popular Young Adult series published in volumes of around 20,000 words each but Ward also writes full-length books in other genres, with the most recent being Damaged, which is in the Adult Romance category. Since publication in April, Damaged has notched up a staggering total of over 800 reviews on Amazon in just over a month.

Her stunning sales and abundant output have placed her in sixth place overall in Amazon’s Author Rank, ahead of Dan Brown, Nora Roberts and Lee Child.

*Since I wrote this post just a couple of days ago, the Amazon Author Rank table has shifted considerably as Dan Brown has leapt into top spot after publication of his latest book Inferno, pushing F Scott Fitzgerald into second place, while H M Ward has moved up to take over third spot.