Deepzen AI slashes costs of producing audiobooks

A British company has developed AI that can cut the costs of publishing audiobooks without losing out on voice quality.

London-based Deepzen has developed a range of voices using artificial intelligence and is offering authors and publishers the opportunity to produce economical audiobooks in a short timeframe.

The company is charging audiobook authors and publishers a rate of around $160/£125 per finished hour. They say a finished hour of an audiobook represents around 10,000 words, so if you have a novel of, say, 90,000 words, that would work out at a total cost of 9 x $160 = $1,440 or 9 x £125 = £1,035.

Until October 31, Deepzen is also offering a partner deal with Ingram that would reduce the hourly rate to $149/£115, and for the first book from an author or publisher the audiobook production service would be cut further to $120/£99 per finished hour.

You can sign up for an account to access the introductory deal here at the Deepzen website.

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