Draft2digital offers distribution to Walmart ebook stores through Kobo

The Walmart ebook store is now up and running through its Kobo link-up and distributor Draft2digital is pointing out that indie authors can get their titles into the store simply by distributing to Kobo through D2D.

Walmart.com is the second most popular retail website in the US and in December 2017 Statista estimated the website had around 127 million unique visitors during the month while top-placed Amazon.com had 197 million visitors.

It’s certainly a useful new addition to outlets for indie authors although the Walmart ebook section is tucked away on the overall website, under a flyout menu of Movies, Music & Books/Books/eBooks & Audiobooks.

As well as ebooks, Walmart will carry a range of Kobo e-readers in its stores, starting with the Kobo Aura. Walmart.com is also offering a subscription-based audiobook service that listeners can join for $9.99 a month. D2D points out that its partnership with Findaway Voices means D2D authors have an opportunity to join an emerging audiobook distribution service at the start.

To add Kobo to your distribution through D2D you should  go to your My Books page and add Kobo as one of your distribution channels. That’s all it takes to make your books available for sale on Walmart.com.

You can, of course, sign up to self-publish direct with Kobo Writing Life and get your ebook in the Walmart store.

Kobo and Walmart check out with ebook supermarket deal