Duplex deal offers inside-cover printing from IngramSpark

Print-on-demand specialist IngramSpark is now offering duplex printing — which means printing inside the cover as well as on the cover.

This could be a great feature for many self-publishers. I recollect a paperback publisher which used to publish a photo of the author on the inside front cover together with biographical details, but there are many other possible uses.

For example, you could place a map, ‘Other books by…’, an illustration, a quote, dedication, blurb, or anything you like…

It looks like the duplex deal is reasonably priced. Using the excellent IngramSpark print and ship calculator, I estimate the extra cost of duplex printing compared with non-duplex printing would be around $0.40 per copy on an example of a 180-page 10.25 ins x 6.25 ins paperback with a print order of 100 books.

The one drawback of the new service is that 10 ins x 6.25 ins (260mm x 168mm) is the minimum size requirement, which does rule out a lot of fiction authors looking to publish 7 ins x 5 ins paperbacks.

For authors with illustrated books, however, duplex printing could be a great way of setting their book apart from the competition.

To set up covers correctly, especially for duplex cover printing, you should use IngramSpark’s Cover Template Generator before uploading your files.

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