Indie authors and publishers have strong showing on new Amazon Charts for UK and Germany

Two self-publishing pioneers take the top two spots in the first Amazon Charts Most Sold for the UK while another indie author leads the way on the first Amazon Charts for Germany.

‘Hybrid’ author Rachel Abbott, who has a split deal combining a traditional print publisher with self-publishing her ebook editions, takes the No 1 spot in the first Amazon Charts Most Sold for the UK market with her new thriller And So It Begins. Second place in the Most Sold new UK charts is taken by another self-publishing trailblazer Joy Ellis with the 10th instalment of her Nikki Galena crime series Darkness on the Fens.

Rachel Abbott is a serial best-seller with several psychological suspense smash hits on her backlist and she is reckoned to have sold around three million books in the last six years. She has stuck to self-publishing her ebooks under her own Black Dot imprint but for And So It begins she signed up with Wildfire for print editions in the first of a two-book deal.

Wildfire was set up in 2016 as an imprint of Headline, which is owned by Hachette. And So It begins isn’t a new book as it was published as a hardback initially in autumn 2018 but the paperback is coming out in August this year.

Joy Ellis also has a long string of previous best-selling books with her Detective Inspector Nikki Galena series set in the Lincolnshire Fens in England. She started out self-publishing her books but is now being published by Joffe Books, which is a very successful independent UK publisher focusing on crime fiction, thrillers and mysteries.

Amazon Charts started in August 2017 covering the US market only. It was the first weekly best-seller list to feature the Most Read and Most Sold books across all formats, covering print, ebooks (including Kindle Unlimited borrows) and audiobooks. Now Amazon has launched its Charts for both the UK and Germany.

The Top 20 Most Read list measures which Kindle and Audible titles customers are reading and listening to each week by looking at the average number of daily Kindle readers and Audible listeners. This list tends to be a procession of Harry Potter titles as these are available through Kindle Unlimited and have also received a big boost in recent times from the advent of ‘Alexa, read a Harry Potter book…’

In fact, the UK Amazon Charts for Most Read has seven Harry Potter titles in the top 10, while Rachel Abbott’s And So It Begins comes in at No 15 in that section.

The Top 20 Most Sold list on Amazon Charts ranks the most books sold, pre-ordered or borrowed each week in physical, ebook or audiobook formats.

The Amazon Charts for Germany make fascinating reading and show the disparity of European markets with relatively little crossover compared with the US and UK (apart from Harry Potter). 

Again, a self-publishing pioneer with a series of books leads the Most Sold Amazon Chart in Germany, with indie thriller writer Catherine Shepherd taking both the No 1 spot with Der Blütenjäger (The Flower Hunter) and sixth place with Der Flüstermann (The Whisper Man).

I’m particularly impressed with the German Kindle ebook categories which include ‘psychothriller’, so much better than ‘psychological suspense’.

There’s another self-published author in the German top 10 Most Sold with Rachekrieger (Vengeance Warrior) by Marcus Hünnebeck at No 8. He wrote thrillers during the early 2000s which were published traditionally and when digital publishing started to make an impact in 2013 he reworked the novels as ebooks and republished them. Hunnebeck has continued to write new titles and has now published several best-selling series.

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