Infographic novels — original titles of books and film adaptations

It’s infographic round-up time and here are a couple of good ones from Jonkers Rare Books, of Henley on Thames in the UK.

The first one collects together some of the Films You Didn’t Know Were Adapted From Books. There are some interesting ones here as I wasn’t aware there was a novel that was the basis of Die Hard (Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp).

I did know that French author Pierre Boulle wrote the novel that became Planet of the Apes but wasn’t aware he also wrote Bridge Over the River Kwai — that’s some real range for a writer. In fact, Bridge Over the River Kwai was based on his own wartime experiences after he was captured and sent to a forced-labour prison camp.

The second infographic from Jonkers Rare Books features a list of Working Titles of Famous Novels.

The Great Gatsby originally going under the bizarre title of Trimalcho of West Egg is fairly well known but most of the others were new to me, particularly Tolstoy’s War and Peace originally being called All’s Well That Ends Well and Lord of the Flies by William Golding titled Strangers From Within.

If you want to view the infographics in full detail, click on the links above or on the graphics themselves and they’ll take you to the high-res versions on the Jonkers site.