KDP Print now features Expanded Distribution to bookstores

KDP Print is now offering Expanded Distribution for self-published paperbacks to bookstores, online retailers and distributors in the US.

This looks like another step in the very gradual process of KDP Print taking over as Amazon’s self-publishing department for print books from CreateSpace, which has featured Expanded Distribution for several years.

The problem with Expanded Distribution through either arm of Amazon is, of course, that the vast majority of booksellers won’t use the service, either because they’re not getting their usual substantial discount or just because they don’t like Amazon.

IngramSpark remains the distributor of choice for most self-publishers who want to get wide distribution with their print books as you can set your own wholesale discount to attract the attention of booksellers. It does, however, cost a $49 ‘set-up fee’ per title to distribute a book through IngramSpark.

The new deal from KDP Print for Expanded Distribution offers authors a 40% royalty rate for a book, based on list price in the distribution channel, minus printing costs, any taxes, and withholding. The usual royalty rate for paperbacks on KDP Print sold through Amazon marketplaces is 60%, minus print costs, etc.

To be eligible for Expanded Distribution, a book must be available on Amazon and have an ISBN you bought or one assigned by KDP. The ISBN must not have been submitted for distribution through another service. Trim size requirements depend on paper type. Paperbacks with white paper must have an industry standard trim size. Books with cream paper must have one of the following trim sizes: 5″ x 8″, 5.25″ x 8″, 5.5″ x 8.5″, or 6″ x 9″.

If you want to use KDP Print Expanded Distribution, go to your bookshelf on KDP and enrol the book in the program. It can take up to six to eight weeks for a book to become available in Expanded Distribution channels and it can take a similar length of time for any changes in details, content, or pricing to be updated in all the Expanded Distribution channels. The book will still be available, but with the previous information until the information is updated in the channels.

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