KDP Reports beta better with royalty forecast

Amazon has been testing out a new graphics-based version of Kindle Direct Publishing Reports in recent months and has now added two new features in KDP Reports beta — a Royalties Estimator and a Dashboard.

The Royalties Estimator is particularly useful and allows you to:

  • See how your earnings are trending for the current month
  • Estimate your monthly royalties in a single currency
  • Estimate your monthly royalties from Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library before the KDP Select Global Fund is announced for that month. This is done by assuming a KENP rate, which can be fairly accurate as the rate has become relatively stable in recent times.

The Dashboard is also a very useful tool and shows:

  • Your sales, pages read, and estimated royalties for today
  • Your top-earning books for today
  • The source of your estimated royalties for the current month by format (ebook, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited) and marketplace

The two new features join the Sales Report and the KENP Read report which were already in place.

You can filter the Sales, KENP Read, and Royalties Estimator data using the drop-down menus at the top of the KDP Reports page. For sales data on a specific book, use the Books filter or click the book’s cover image in the carousel below the graph. By default, the carousel shows your 10 top-earning books. If you have more than 10 books, they’re grouped into ‘other books.’ If you want to see a specific book you can choose any book you want from the Books filter to see its sales and KENP Read.

The KDP Reports beta works well on mobile as well as desktop computers so you can use these reports on your phone and other devices.

It’s great to see Amazon making these improvements to the KDP Reports and it certainly helps with identifying sales trends quickly and easily.

You can find out more about the KDP Reports beta here at the Amazon website.

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