Kindle Unlimited KENP rate for April holds steady trend at $0.0048

The Kindle Unlimited KENP payment rate to authors for April continued the recent steady trend at $0.0048 per page.

This makes three months of more or less the same level with $0.0047 per KENP (Kindle Edition Normalized Page) in March and $0.0048 per KENP in February.

The KDP Select Global fund for April was also the same again at $14.9 million after Amazon topped up the original $12 million fund with an extra $2.9 million, repeating the total for March. In February, the fund ended up at $14 million.

April’s figures point to further evidence that the Kindle Unlimited business is levelling out for Amazon after showing strong growth.

February was the first month of Amazon’s new method of calculating Kindle ebook page count (KENPC). The mysterious new page-count formula saw reduced page counts for a lot of authors, although Amazon claimed the effect would be plus or minus 5% of the previous page counts.

Other KENP rates around the world for April include:

  • UK: £0.0031
  • India: Indian rupee 0.0010
  • Germany: €0.0033

Oddly, the KENP rate for Italy (an eurozone country) is much higher than for Germany (also eurozone), with KU borrows on being paid €0.0049 per page — that’s almost 50% higher than in Germany and 24% higher than the UK equivalent rate (£0.0031 is currently worth around €0.0039).

Amazon does pay different KENP rates internationally, notably for India where the KU monthly subscription is much lower than in the US and Europe, but KU members in both Germany and Italy pay the same €9.99 a month while the UK subscription is £7.99, which is also equivalent to around €10.

Perhaps the difference reflects the fact that there are only 20,000 titles in Italian available on KU through although there are another million ebooks available in other languages.

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