Kindle Unlimited KENP rate for June bounces back to $0.0049 as KDP fund total for first six months of 2016 hits $89.5 million

The Kindle Unlimited KENP pay rate to authors strengthened to $0.0049 in June from $0.0046 in May, a rise of 6.5%.

It was a surprising bounceback from a recent disappointing trend, particularly as the KDP Select global fund in June rose only slightly to $15.4 million from $15.3 million in May.

The monthly KENP rates for the first six months of this year now look like this:

  • January: $0.0041
  • February: $0.0048
  • March: $0.0047
  • April: $0.0048
  • May: $0.0046
  • June: $0.0049

Average monthly KENP rate for the six months Jan-June 2016: $0.0046

The monthly KDP Select global fund totals for the first six months of this year are:

  • January: $15 million
  • February: $14 million
  • March: $14.9 million
  • April: $14.9 million
  • May: $15.3 million
  • June: $15.4 million

Total for the six months Jan-June 2016: $89.5 million

Using the June fund figure of $15.4 million and dividing it by the KENP rate of $0.0049 gives a figure of around 3.14 billion KENPs read by Kindle Unlimited members during June — a sharp fall from 3.34 billion KENPs in May, and a reversion back to around the level of 3.17 billion KENPs in both April and March.

The history of Kindle Unlimited is one of sharp rises in borrowing (and presumably membership figures) followed by plateaus and/or fallbacks before seeing another sharp rise (and consequently weaker payouts).

Kindle Unlimited KENP rate for May edges down while KDP fund rises to new high