Kobo authors can pick up a review promo with NetGalley for $39.99

Kobo has a promotional opportunity available with NetGalley for authors looking for more reviews of their ebooks.

It is accepting submissions for December and if your title is picked it will be listed on NetGalley for one month, beginning on the first of the month. A one-month spot costs $39.99.

This is a good value deal as NetGalley usually costs $450 for a six-month standard title listing if you go direct, although you can get a discount if you go through the Independent Book Publishers Association.

NetGalley is a service to promote and publicize titles to readers of influence. Reviewers, bloggers, journalists, librarians, booksellers, educators and journalists can request, read and recommend titles on NetGalley. The company has been operating since 2008 and plays a central role in marketing for many traditional and indie publishers. It recently expanded to the UK and Germany and also covers France and Japan as well as the US.

If your title is picked on the Kobo/NetGalley deal then you will receive a payment link before your chosen month begins.

Your book must be available on Kobo to be considered. All submissions will be considered. Kobo Writing Life says once you’ve paid for your spot it cannot provide refunds and also points out that good reviews cannot be guaranteed.

You can apply for the NetGalley deal through this link on Kobo Writing Life.

Kobo also has a partnership with Publishers Weekly to allow Kobo Writing Life authors a chance to submit their works for review in the online and print editions of PW Select.

Every month, Publishers Weekly and BookLife, its website for indie authors, publish PW Select, a supplement covering the self-publishing industry and featuring interviews, book listings, news, features, and book reviews.

The cost is $129 per title submitted (saving $20 on the regular price of $149). Submitted titles are guaranteed a listing in the online and print editions of PW Select. The decision of which title to review rests solely with PW Select.

To submit your title for review and receive the special discount, KWL authors should visit the Booklife by Publishers Weekly website using this link and enter 7KOBO in the special Promo Code field.

Publishers Weekly recently launched a paid reviews service for all indie authors in its BookLife website and monthly supplement focused on the self-publishing sector. The reviews cost $399 with a six-week turnaround time.

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