New Amazon Ads metric shows estimated Kindle Unlimited KENP royalties

Amazon has added estimated Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) Royalties to the KDP performance dashboard to help authors measure the impact that ads are having on their Kindle ebooks enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

This metric estimates the royalties attributed to Sponsored Products campaigns from customers who borrow a book from Kindle Unlimited.

Estimated KENP Royalties is so far available only to KDP authors advertising in the US. This metric should only be regarded an estimate. If the reporting date range includes days before the KDP Select Global Fund is announced, then Amazon will use the previous month’s KENP rate to estimate royalties.

To view estimated KENP Royalties in your dashboard, use the column picker to customize each of your dashboards and display the metric, with data reported as of July 15, 2020. You can also view KENP Read (the estimated number of normalized pages attributed to your Sponsored Products campaigns) in addition to royalties when customizing your dashboard columns.

Amazon gives an example of what KENP Royalties tells you:

  • If a customer clicks a Sponsored Product ad featuring your Kindle eBook and then borrows it through Kindle Unlimited and reads 120 normalized pages on day 1, the associated royalties will be attributed to day 1 in your campaign dashboard and downloadable reports. If the customer reads the rest of your book — say, 100 pages — on day 2, the associated royalties ill be reported on day 2.

KENP metrics are, of course, specific for KDP authors who have ebooks enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. There are two KENP metrics now — KENP Read and KENP Royalties. The KENP Read metric was added earlier this year in July.

KENP Read helps you understand the volume of pages read after customers click your ads. Amazon tracks clicks associated with your advertised titles and attributes them to the reading events for the same titles up to 14 days after customers click the ad.

The estimated number of pages read attributed to your campaign are reported to the specific date when readers actually read the pages. Even if reading devices are offline when the reading events occur, the system will update the KENP Read metric for a certain date when the devices are online. You may see slight updates on the metric for certain dates as devices send reading events.

KENP Royalties helps you measure the return on your advertising spend.

The estimated KENP Royalties reported to a given day is the multiplication of the KENP Read pages for this day by this day’s KENP rate. If the KENP rate of the day isn’t yet published (KENP rate for a month is published on 15th of the next month), the latest published rate is used to estimate the royalties.

The KENP Rate changes every month, so your actual royalties when the fund is announced may differ from the estimation. You can see your actual earnings in your KEP report.

KENP metrics in your Advertising account only reflect estimated pages read and royalties that are attributed to an ad campaign for your book. This means customers click on your ad and then read pages of your book within 14 days after the click. The total number of read pages and royalties in your KDP reports include pages read and royalties from books obtained without clicking on your ad.

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