Now BookBub lands in Britain

BookBub is a free service that tells readers about book deals. Members get email alerts on free and discounted titles matching their interests. Authors and  publishers advertise on the firm’s targeted emails to drive sales and find new fans.

The company has massive US mailing lists, including more than 1,640,000 subscribers to its Mysteries list and just over a million for the Contemporary Romance list.

It’s expensive to advertise on BookBub but it can pay off. There’s a scale of costs according to the price of the book. For example, to advertise a book to the Mysteries list would cost $320 for a free offer up to $1,600 for a book priced at $2+. The firm estimates a free book would see 30,600 downloads, while a discounted book would have an average of 2,710 copies sold.

BookBub is fairly picky about what books it features and submissions go through a rigorous screening process. The company claims to be responsible for driving over a million ebook sales per month.

The UK is the first step for BookBub’s planned global expansion and it has seen an encouraging response with over 100,000 members signing up the past few months.

If you want to reach the UK market, add the UK option during the submission process. The cost seems reasonable at the usual US price plus 5%. If you have a BookBub promotion already scheduled, you can add the UK option at no extra cost so long as your book is available in the UK.

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