Pixel of Ink shuts ebook promotion site


Pixel of Ink, one of the leading Kindle ebook promotion websites, has closed down. The site has been running for six years but seems to have been hit by a recent Amazon crackdown on affiliates.

In their message announcing the closure, the owners of Pixel of Ink say, ‘Due to changes in the eBook world and in our life, it is time for us to move on, and Pixel of Ink must now end.’

Pixel of Ink had around 150,000 readers who received daily updates featuring free and bargain-priced Kindle ebooks as well as hot deals and discounts on Kindle accessories. It proved to be an effective marketing medium for self-published authors and will be missed.

The Fussy Librarian promo site has also been affected by the Amazon moves but has pledged to continue.

It sends a daily email to a total 121,000 of subscribers covering a wide range of genres. The number of subscribers in each genre varies and the price for inclusion in an email is $12-16, depending on the genre.

The Amazon crackdown appears to centre on what it considers to be breaches of its Terms of Service which forbid, for example, Amazon affiliate links in emails, which are the lifeblood of most ebook promo sites.

Amazon says it has this rule because it wants to know where the clicks are coming from and there is a process where affiliates have to list the website(s) where they can use affiliate links.

Many sites get round this rule by using redirects which send clicks from an email automatically to a website and then on to Amazon.