SelfPubCon Spring 2020 focuses on power of indie publishing

The London Book Fair might be cancelled but The Self-Publishing Advice Conference, which is usually scheduled to tie in with the major book fairs, is going ahead with a stellar line-up set to appear online on Saturday, March 14.

SelfPubCon Spring 2020will have 24 sessions over 24 hours featuring top indie authors, advisers and book marketing experts. You don’t have to watch all the sessions live as you can get a free pass that will enable you to access the online sessions for three days or you can buy a lifetime pass for all conferences for $199.

I have already previewed some of the speakers in a previous article on the Self-Publishing Advice Conference but the schedule has now been filled out and will also include: 

  • Joanna Penn on the power of indie publishing
  • Sacha Black on how good prose sells more books
  • A G Billig on how to boost your book sales using traditional media and PR
  • Adam Croft on going wide — how to sell more books in more formats on more platforms

The conference is always a terrific event and is presented by Orna Ross and The Alliance of Independent Authors. You can get more details and register for free access to the conference on the Alliance of Independent Authors website.

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