What’s what with The Wattys 2015

Wattpad’s annual writing contest The Wattys is now open for its 2015 extravaganza.

The basic rules are:

  • The Wattys are open to stories of all categories and ratings.

  • Your story must be fully available on Wattpad.

  • Your story must be your own intellectual property.

  • You can enter from anywhere in the world.

  • Stories must have been written in 2015 or updated with a minimum of three  chapters in 2015.

  • You can enter just by tagging your story #Wattys2015

  • Deadline to enter is August 31, 2015.

The awards this year include:

Beginner’s Luck Award

This is the chance for writers who are new to Wattpad to share their work and have it recognized.

To be eligible to win the Beginner’s Luck Award, you must have joined Wattpad in March 2015 or later. You may enter a complete story of any genre and any length (no excerpts, please). Tag your story #Wattys2015 or add the tag to a story you’ve already created to enter.

People’s Choice Award

This award is decided by readers to celebrate the most-read, most-loved stories in the Wattpad community.

If you know a story you think should win a Watty, nominate it by sharing it on Twitter using the hashtag #MyWattysChoice. You can even nominate your own story.

The story that is most shared and retweeted between August 24 and 31 will win the People’s Choice Award.

Hot Genre Award

Awards will be handed out to highlight great stories in some of the fastest-growing genres on Wattpad, covering New Adult Romance, LGBT+, Urban Fiction, and The Fanfiction Feels.

If you’ve written a complete story of any length (no excerpts) in one of these genres, tag it with #Wattys2015 AND the following relevant tags: #newadult, #urban, #lgbt, or #feels to enter.
International Awards

Wattpad is introducing awards this year for the best stories being written in Filipino, Turkish, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian. If you’ve written a story in one of these languages, tag it with #Wattys2015 to enter.

If you’ve written a story in another language, you could still get an honorable mention, so tag it with #Wattys2015 tag for a chance to win.

Surprise Awards
Surprise Awards will also be made to celebrate a range of genres and talent. These awards will be based on a variety of secret factors that give anyone the chance to win a Watty. Tag your story with #Wattys2015 to be eligible.

There aren’t any cash prizes but there’s a lot of prestige involved getting the Watty winner sticker and the winning stories will get promoted by Wattpad.

You can get full details on Watty categories and how to enter at Wattpad.