Amazon Marketing Services adds tools for authors to customize ads

Amazon Marketing Services has widened its range of tools for authors using Sponsored Products ads to promote their books.

The new additions include:

  • More Keyword Match Types

Match types help determine if a search will trigger your ad. You can now use a combination of broad, phrase, and exact match as well as negative phrase and negative exact matches to ensure you’re reaching the right readers.

  • Bid Guidance for Keywords

Suggested bids and bid ranges are now offered to help you stay competitive. Using these suggestions may increase your chance of winning an auction, resulting in more impressions, clicks and sales.

  • Auto-Bid for the Top of Search Results

Increase the chance for your ad to show in the top of search results with Bid+. When turned on, Amazon will boost your bid by up to 50% when it competes for the top of search location.

Sponsored Products is a pay-per-click advertising scheme that enables authors to promote their books with keyword-targeted ads that appear in search result listings on Amazon and on the product pages of other books, usually in the ‘also bought’ selections.

You select your products to advertise and choose your keywords or let Amazon use automatic targeting. You control how much you want to spend on your bids and budgets and can measure the performance of your ads.

You can find out more about the new AMS features with the Sponsored Products Reference Guide at Amazon.