Blogging is the primary income for three-quarters of travel writers

Three-quarters of travel writers earn their primary and only source of income from blogging, according to a study of recognized travel bloggers.

Dublin’s Sandymount Hotel recently decided to find out what makes a travel blogger by commissioning a survey which found out that 50% of travel bloggers are aged 18-30, with women comprising over half of that age category. They travel extensively, with 60% having visited 10 or more countries.

Eight out of 10 travel bloggers use WordPress as their blogging platform and 100% use Twitter as a promotion platform, with Facebook just behind on 98%.

Perhaps the most suprising finding is that nearly all (95%) of travel bloggers make a concerted effort to monetise their blog and 75% say blogging is their primary source of income. Here’s the infographic which gives all the details.

A Profile of the Modern Travel blogger – An infographic by the team at Sandymount Hotel