Brave new app from Rosetta Books

Ebook backlist publisher Rosetta Books has launched an app for Android and iOS devices with access to nearly 100 of its bestselling and newly released titles.

App users can get a free copy of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. The app is available at the Apple, Google Play, Kindle Fire, Nook and Samsung app stores and features ebooks by authors including Stephen Covey, Kurt Vonnegut, Arthur C Clarke, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Robert Graves and more, and aims to build a community of readers.

Navjot Khalsa, Director of Marketing at RosettaBooks says, “The app platform helps us learn what our readers want.”

Features of the app include curated ebook suggestions, sample chapters, a user engagement platform and weekly updates on free ebooks, giveaways and discounted titles.

App users can:

• Explore ebooks by genre
• Download sample chapters and gain direct access to to buy an ebook at a preferred retailer
• Record their views through likes and comments for various titles

Rosetta specializes in publishing ebook versions of books originally published by traditional publishing companies.
The firm pays higher royalty rates than most of the big publishers which offer only 25% of net receipts on ebooks. For backlist ebooks, Rosetta pays authors 50% of receipts to 2,500 copies and 60% of receipts thereafter.
For original ebook content, Rosetta pays 70% of receipts.