Cloud sourcing for Kindle ebook samples

Amazon has made some improvements to Kindle ebook samples which mean samples downloaded from the Kindle book store will now be saved in the cloud so readers can access and read them on any supported Amazon device or Kindle reading apps.

You can download and delete a sample directly from the cloud on Fire HDX, Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD (2nd Generation), Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite (2nd Generation), Kindle (7th Generation), Fire phone, Kindle for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (version 4.5 or greater), and Kindle for Android (version 4.7 or greater).

Samples can be deleted from the cloud on any supported devices or Kindle reading apps, or from Manage Your Content and Devices.

You can send samples to a registered device or reading app on your account, delete them from your content library, and more from Manage Your Content and Devices.

You may need to download the latest software update to manage samples on your device. To download the latest software update, go to Fire & Kindle Software Updates under the Help & Customer Service section at the Kindle store.

To send a sample to your device or reading app:

  • From your computer: Go to the Kindle Store and search for a book. From the product detail page of the book, use the Deliver to: drop-down menu to select your device or reading app, and select the Send sample now button.

  • From your device or reading app: Open the Kindle Store, search for a book, and select the Try a Sample or Download Sample button.

To delete a sample:

  • From a supported Amazon device or Kindle reading app: Press and hold the sample and choose the option to delete the sample from your device or reading app. You can also choose to delete the sample from the cloud and all devices and reading apps registered to your account.

  • From Manage Your Content and Devices: Select the sample(s) you want to delete, and then select Delete. In the window that appears, select Yes, delete permanently.

Kindle Direct Publishing takes the first 10% of an ebook’s content and creates a sample that readers can view before buying.