Geniuslink rebrands for customized global online marketing

Universal linking service Geniuslink has rebranded from its previous name of Georiot and now offers a system offering links that work across any country, store, device and operating system.

For authors and publishers, this means, for example, you can use a single link that will redirect viewers to their local Kindle store. This solves the problem of having only a link to or setting up multiple separate links for other Amazon stores such as the UK and Canada.

Geniuslink also owns the Booklinker service which offers an easy way of linking to books on Amazon.

Authors and publishers using Geniuslink can:

  • Automatically globalize and affiliate book links to country-specific stores like Amazon and iBooks.
  • Create Advanced Targets to direct readers based on their device type (such as Kindles to Amazon and iPads to iBooks) with a single link.
  • Understand who their readers are, where they’re located and which books are getting clicks and purchases.
  • Use retargeting pixels within your links to build a custom audience of interested readers and then easily target the same people when your next book is available.
  • Use your own custom domain with your links to encourage trust and build your personal brand.
  • If you’re an indie author or publisher who wants a simple tool to promote books on Amazon, use BookLinker to create book-specific short links like and

Geniuslink acquired the domain last year and launched advanced targets to fully customize the behavior of links by easily adding custom rules based on any combination of country, device, OS, and date of click.

The next major steps came in late 2014 with the beta launch of integrated tracking and retargeting pixels, allowing clients to target an audience to remarket to them for future promotions.

Early spring of 2015 saw the pixeling going live along with opening links, allowing for infinite combinations of advanced targeting and pixels so clients could create the perfect link for every promotion.