Hachette reveals Amazon’s grip on the ebook market

The extent of Amazon’s tight grip on the ebook market is shown graphically in a presentation given by Hachette at a recent investor meeting and unearthed by Publisher’s Lunch.

The charts show Amazon represents a 60% share of Hachette’s ebook sales in the US while in the UK, Amazon stands at a staggering 78%. Barnes & Noble take a surprisingly strong 19% in the US, with Apple on 13% and others on 8%. In the UK, Apple is a far distant second at 12%, with Kobo on 5% thanks to its tie-in with book and news retailer WH Smith, with others on 5%.

Hachette, of course, are embroiled in a discount war with Amazon at present, which has seen Hachette print books as good as removed from the Amazon warehouse shelves. Whether this is a good plan by Amazon remains to be seen as other retailers such as Books A Million are taking up the slack with considerable enthusiasm.