Indie Author Fringe conference is back with final 24-hour show of the year

The Indie Author Fringe is back next week on Saturday, October 22 with the last of this year’s 24-hour non-stop conferences and you can watch all the sessions online.

The third IAF of 2016 is timed to coincide with the Frankfurt Book Fair and kicks off at 10am Frankfurt time (that’s 4am in New York, 1am in LA and 9am in London) but you don’t have to stay up all night as the sessions will stay available online.

It’s a great line-up as ever. A few examples include:

  • The Psychology of Creative Success by Orna Ross

(12 noon Frankfurt, 6am New York, 3am LA, 11am London)

The director of the Alliance of Independent Authors sets out three core creative concepts and a process to help you harness creativity in your business and writing.

  • The Key to a Successful Author Business: Tracking by Gabriel Mercer

(2pm Frankfurt, 8am New York, 5am LA, 1pm London)

This is a particularly interesting one for me as I’m always looking for better ways of tracking business results. Mercer, who is a digital strategist specialising in working with authors, will cover accounting and budgeting and a range of free tools to track social media, email and traffic.

  • Productivity for Authors: How to Write and Publish Often and Well by Mark McGuinness

(4pm Frankfurt, 10am New York, 7am LA, 3pm London)

The author of Productivity for Creative People talks about making time for focused creative work and balancing our writing and business tasks.

  • The Print Book Business Plan by Andy Bromley

(10pm Frankfurt, 4pm New York, 1pm LA, 9pm London)

This sessions focuses on how to make a print book profitable and distributed through multiple bookstores.

  • How an Author Assistant Can Grow your Business by Kate Tilton

Kate Tilton is an Author Assistant extraordinaire and she explains how a good assistant can help you to grow your business.

  • How To Use Twitter Cards & Twitter Ads To Boost Your Indie Author Business by Tim Lewis

How Twitter cards can be used to reach readers, build up your mailing list and increase your book income.

These are just some of the sessions on offer. There are a total of 27 sessions throughout the day and they all look good. You can also ask the speakers questions after their sessions at the Speaker and Sponsor Hangout. The full agenda and details are available at the Alliance of Independent Authors website.