Kindle Vella bonus for February 2022 up by $50k and payment for free episodes is extended to July

The February 2022 Kindle Vella bonus increased to $775,000 from $725,000 in January 2022 and Amazon has extended payment to authors for free episodes to July 2022.

Compensation for episodes unlocked using free tokens has been set at the 200-token bundle rate and was scheduled to run only until March 2022 but has now been extended for another four months. This compensation will be included with authors’ overall bonus amount.

As you’d expect with a new program, Vella wasn’t subject to the usual February fallback seen on Kindle Unlimited caused by factors such as the shorter month. The Vella monthly rise, however, reverted back to $50,000 after increasing by $75,000 in January 2022 to mark the launch of the Vella app on Android and Fire.

Amazon says the bonus program is ongoing and bonuses will be continued to be made as the program grows. For the month of February, stories are rewarded based on customer activity such as Faves, Follows, and Token redemption (free and paid), as well as publishing activity, including the number of new episodes and frequency of episodes published in the month of February.

If you’ve earned a bonus for February, you’ll get an email and will see the bonus amount posted in your Kindle Vella Dashboard. Bonuses and Kindle Vella royalty earnings will be paid out with total KDP payments in April.

Authors can find out more about Kindle Vella on the Amazon website.

Amazon adds polls for authors to ask Vella readers for their views

Amazon has brought in a new feature that allows authors to create a poll survey for readers to take at the end of Kindle Vella episodes.

You can use polls to gauge reactions, ask for input, or connect with readers.

Further details on how to add a poll and how to view poll results, can be found on the Vella help page.