Amazon gets graphic with new Kindle Sales Dashboard

Amazon has added a useful Sales Dashboard feature to the back end of the Kindle Direct Publishing set-up so authors can now see at a glance their worldwide sales and royalties in a graphic format and supposedly in real time.

The new dashboard provides up to 90 days of historical orders and earned royalties, with a graph that provides daily order totals to help you see trends. The dashboard can be filtered by timeframe, title and marketplace.

It’s a welcome addition to the present system. Distributors such as Draft2digital have offered a graphic sales format with various filters for some time.

The new Amazon set-up has Royalties shown in a table below the graph and you can generate a downloadable Sales & Royalty Report to get more details.

The sales graph graph is broken down into Paid Units, Borrowed Units (through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library) and Free Units.

The Royalties Earned table shows royalties for all marketplaces over a selected period. The royalty amounts shown are usually updated within about 24 hours of orders being placed.

The detailed Sales & Royalty Report covers units sold, refunds and royalties (excluding KOLL royalties) earned during the selected timeframe.

You can get more information about Kindle Direct Publishing at KDP.