KDP Reports switch over to new Beta format

Amazon has switched Kindle Direct Publishing Reports over to the updated Beta version and will soon be removing the old reporting format.

The Beta version of the reports has, of course, been around and available for a few years now while it has been developed but it’s only now that it has taken over as the main reporting experience.

The reports now include:

  • Mobile-friendly view, so you can see KDP Reports better on your phone
  • Royalties Estimator for upcoming Kindle Unlimited earnings and approximate total earnings in a single currency
  • New Dashboard. Check today’s top-earning books, estimated royalties, orders, and KENP reads, plus top formats and marketplaces for the month
  • Improved Reporting Experience. Enjoy the same functionality with an improved user experience and look compared to our old reports

Amazon has switched the web address for the old KDP reports to kdp.amazon.com/reports-old

The company says the old reports will continue to be available for now, and they will send a notification before removing them soon.

You’ll probably need to take some time to get used to the new reports if you haven’t already been using them as some KDP customers have found the new version to be frustrating to use.

It’s worth remembering that there are filters available which can generally be set to show the information you’ve been used to getting.

After some initial reservations, I’ve come round to liking the new format and particularly find the bar chart option useful for the Orders and KENP Read sections as they give a quick visual indicator and show the individual book title orders when you hover your mouse over a bar. Annoyingly, this function doesn’t work on a mobile device, which is a real oversight considering Amazon have been touting the mobile-friendliness of the Beta version.

There are plenty of other things to get vexed about with the new system, such as the fact that it opens on the dashboard with your present day’s sales summary rather than yesterday’s sales, which is what most people are looking for.

It takes about three or more clicks to get to what you’re looking for, so the User Experience (UX) isn’t an improvement in terms of ease of use but there is a wider range of reports now available in improved formats.

You can get more details about the new system on the Kindle website at KDP Reports