Kindle Unlimited KENP rate for September stays steady at $0.0050

The Kindle Unlimited payout per page for September 2015 stayed relatively steady at $0.0050, just 2% down on the August figure.

The KENP (Kindle Edition Normalized Pages) rate is now spot on half a cent per page read and it’s a relief to see that Amazon has largely held the payout level after a 10% fall in August from July’s opening rate on the pay-per-page system of $0.0057.

The KDP Select global fund hit yet another record high of $12 million in September, with a $1 million bonus to bolster the original fund set at $11 million. The fund for October has also been set at an initial $11 million.

The new rate means that a 100,000-word ebook representing about 534 KENPs (Kindle Edition Normalized Pages at an average of 187 words per KENP) would get a Kindle Unlimited payout of around $2.67 on a fully read borrow compared with $2.72 in August and $3.04 in July.

The $12 million KDP Select global fund for September was up from August’s $11.8 million and $11.5 million in July.

Dividing the total September fund of $12 million by the KENP pay rate of $0.0050 gives a nice round total of 2,400,000,000 — which means there were 2.4 billion pages (KENPs) read by Kindle Unlimited members in the month.

This is only a relatively small rise of around 3.7% from 2,313,725,490 KENPs (2.31 billion) in August. The total of pages read in August was a substantial rise of 15% from July when the estimated total of KENPs read was just over 2 billion (2,017,543,859) and June when Amazon revealed total page reads for the first time with 1.9 billion KENPs in the month.

I have previously calculated that the average read per Kindle Unlimited borrow is 228 KENPs, which means there were possibly 10,526,315 borrows during September, which would also be 3.7% up from 10,147,918 borrows during August, which was the first time the total number of borrows had gone over the 10 million mark.

My previous estimates of total borrows were 8,339,483 borrows in June and 8,848,876 borrows in July, so the August figure showed a sharp rise of 14% before slowing down in September.

The history of Kindle Unlimited has shown sharp increases followed by a month or two of levelling off before another big rise.

Amazon has now shelled out $35.3 million to indie authors in the three months since the Kindle Unlimited KENP pay-per-page system started.

Over the year so far, the firm has paid out the massive total of $93 million to Kindle Unlimited authors. That figure is set to go well over $100 million, with the October KDP fund already set at $11 million, and the full year’s total should be around the $130 million mark.

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