Kindle Unlimited paid out $186 million in 2016, a 40% rise on 2015, as December KENP rate stays steady

The Kindle Unlimited KENP rate for December 2016 stayed steady at $0.0052 as the KDP Select global fund saw the biggest monthly rise of the year to hit another new high of $16.8 million.

The KDP fund increased by $500,000 in December to $16.8 million from $16.3 million in November $16.2 million in October and $15.9 million in September while the KENP rate showed a marginal fall from $0.0053 in November.

Over the calendar year 2016, Amazon paid out a grand total of $186 million to Kindle Unlimited authors, which is nearly $50 million more than the $131.6 million total paid out over 2015, an annual increase of 41%. If we see a similar rate of increase in 2017 that could mean a payout of well over $250 million for the year.

After a worrying start to the year when Amazon announced what amounted to a reset of its page-count system in February and a dip to the year’s low in August when the KENP rate sank to $0.0045, the Kindle Unlimited payouts regained some steadiness in the autumn and finished off the year with a three-month run of $0.0052, $0.0053 and $0.0052.

In the UK, the KENP rate for December 2016 is £0.0038, up slightly from £0.0037 in November, while the rate for Germany edged down to €0.0034 from €0.0035.

The December rate for Australia is AUD 0.0043 and in India it is IR 0.106666667.

Using my normal method of dividing the KDP Select fund total by the KENP monthly payment (186,000,000/0.0052) gives a result of around 3.23 billion KENPs read during December 2016. That’s a considerable rise from 3.07 billion pages in November and 3.11 billion in October and represents a return to the reading levels of 3.24 billion KENPs estimated in September.

If we divide the $186 million total paid out over 2016 by the average KENP monthly rate of $0.0048, it means that somewhere around 38,750,000,000 KENPs read over the year — that’s nearly 39 billion ebook pages.

The monthly KENP rates for 2016 are:

  • January: $0.0041
  • February: $0.0048 (the first month of KENPC v2.0, a revised way of calculating the number of pages in a Kindle ebook)
  • March: $0.0047
  • April: $0.0048
  • May: $0.0046
  • June: $0.0049
  • July: $0.0048
  • August: $0.0045
  • September: $0.0049
  • October: $0.0052
  • November: $0.0053
  • December: $0.0052

Average monthly KENP rate over January-December 2016: $0.0048

The monthly KDP Select global fund totals for 2016 are:

  • January: $15 million
  • February: $14 million
  • March: $14.9 million
  • April: $14.9 million
  • May: $15.3 million
  • June: $15.4 million
  • July: $15.5 million
  • August: $15.8 million
  • September: $15.9 million
  • October: $16.2 million
  • November: $16.3 million
  • December: $16.8 million

Total for January-December 2016: $186 million

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