Kindle Vella bonus rise slows down

The May 2022 Kindle Vella bonus rose to $900,000 from $875,000 in April, showing a marked slowdown in rate of increase from previous monthly rises of $50,000.

Stories on the serial platform are rewarded based on customer activity such as Faves, Follows, and Token redemption (free and paid), as well as publishing activity, including the number of new episodes and frequency of episodes published in May.

If you’ve earned a bonus for May, you’ll receive an email and will see the bonus amount posted in your Kindle Vella Dashboard. Your bonus and Kindle Vella royalty earnings will be paid out with your total KDP payments in July.

Episodes unlocked using free Tokens will continue to be compensated at the 200-Token bundle rate through July 2022 and will be included with your overall bonus amount.

There has been a lot of negative comment from Vella readers referring to the high costs of reading a serial and the frustrations of reading short chapters and then having to wait for new ones to be added.

You can now add your Kindle Vella stories to your Author Page through an Amazon Author Central account.

To add a Kindle Vella story to your Author Page, you will need to create an Author Central account. To learn how to create an Author Central account and add Kindle Vella stories, visit the Amazon KDP website help page.