Where are the cycling tours de force?

theriderjWith the Tour de France in full swing, I’ve been considering, between mass crashes and team buses getting stuck underneath the finishing line, the paucity of novels about cycling, particularly road racing. READ MORE >>

How to choose typography for ebooks

What are the best fonts to use for ebooks? Writers who self-publish can get a shock when they publish an ebook with carefully selected styles and then view it on a Kindle to find their selected typefaces have been changed, sometimes dramatically. READ MORE >>

8 ways to crowdfund your book

Crowdfunding helps authors to pre-test their book before publication and can give you an instant readership and social media circle all your own as your supporters will be getting your book and telling their friends about it. READ MORE >>

Damaged brings up best-selling double for H M Ward

H M Ward is one of the most prolific and successful authors self-publishing on Amazon and this week sees her with two books on the New York Times Bestseller List with Damaged at No 6 and The Arrangement 6 in 18th place. It might soon be a hat-trick for Holly Ward as the seventh instalment of The Arrangement has just been published and already has over 50 five-star reviews on Amazon within the first two days of publication. READ MORE >>

Thank you to my many word processors

Reading the paperback of Michael Chabon’s latest brilliant novel Telegraph Avenue, I spotted at the back of the book under Acknowledgements: “This novel was written using Scrivener on Macintosh computers.” READ MORE >>

The return of Spare Rib

sparerib1Legendary feminist magazine Spare Rib is set for a comeback as journalist Charlotte Raven looks to set up a website and a glossy magazine focusing on life rather than lifestyle. READ MORE >>

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