Roger Packer is placed in Top 20 Book Marketing Masters

A new survey places Roger Packer (that’s me) in the Top 20 Book Marketing Masters.

I am in 17th position on the list, which is led by Jonathan Gunson, who runs the excellent website Traffic Cafe.

Emlyn Chand (Novel Publicity) is in fourth spot, with BookBuzzr‘s Vikram Narayan placed fifth, and the alarmingly similarly named Roger C Parker of Published and Profitable in 12th position.

The study was conducted by link globalizer BookLinker, which was recently acquired by Georiot. A list was compiled of 300 of the most influential book marketers on social media and the top 20 were then identified using Klout Scores and Twitter followers.

These data points reflect a variety of factors including social footprint, engagement frequency, amplification, and citations by influential writers along with other related items.

Weights were then assigned to each factor to derive a final data-driven list of the 20 most influential book marketers on social media.

BookLinker provides globalized links for authors and publishers promoting books within Amazon’s worldwide storefronts. It’s a great service which offers authors a single link which automatically redirects potential buyers to their local Amazon store.

You can read about the list at Georiot and you can get universal links for your books at Booklinker.