Wattpad hacks into the Dark

Wattpad is just getting hotter and hotter. After recently hitting the amazing milestone of 100 million uploads, the story site is now adding a new section for ‘mature romance’ readers.

After Dark is a free app that offers a curated reading experience for readers over 17 who are looking for quality contemporary romance reading.

The app’s interface presents sets of stories that have already proved popular with Wattpad users and staff, including LGBTQ, Urban, and Fanfiction from the romance category. Readers can comment and vote on After Dark stories just like on Wattpad.

After Dark was devised by a team of Wattpad staff taking part in Hack Friday, the firm’s monthly hackathon when Wattpad developers and designers join forces with other staff to bring an idea or product update to life in a day.

The Hack Friday concept for After Dark was built from scratch to app in just two weeks.

After Dark is available in the App Store for people 17 and older in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The sheer scale of numbers of Wattpad readers never fails to astonish me. For example, The Arrogant Professor by RainyGirl_11 has seen 18.6 million reads, while The Teddy Bear Agreement by shei has had nearly 32 million reads and tops the Romance section.

You can get more information about After Dark and a link to the App Store at Wattpad.

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