StreetLib adds more audiobook distribution partners

International digital book distributor StreetLib has widened its range of partners for audiobooks by teaming up with, Kobo audiobooks, and South American specialist Ubook. is a platform that uses a subscription business model and offers audiobooks and podcasts. Ubook claims to have more than 1.5 million registered users and is a major ebook and audiobook provider in Latin America.

Kobo has been an ebook distribution partner with StreetLib for several years and has now added audiobook distribution.

StreetLib also has two further new partners — Media365 and BookBeat. Media365 covers an international audience of more than a million readers in 14 languages, while BookBeat is a Swedish platform that operates in several European markets. StreetLib has already been distributing audiobooks through BookBeat but has now added ebooks.

If you want to add any of these new partners for your ebooks or audiobooks then, until December 10, you’ll need to fill out this Distribution Update form at StreetLib  specifying the stores. After December 10, you can activate or deactivate distribution directly through the StreetLib Publish dashboard as usual.

StreetLib’s mission is to provide a publishing portal for every country in the world and in June this year it revealed it had completed the first phase of its global expansion programme six months ahead of schedule. The company’s standard royalty model is for a 10% commission for ebooks and 20% for audiobooks.

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