The Wattys 2016 are now open with a range of new categories

Wattpad’s Wattys 2016 is now open for entries and there’s a wide range of new categories. It’s free to enter the Wattys by simply adding a #Wattys2016 tag to your story and you can enter as many stories as you’d like.

The awards for 2016 are:

Visual Storytelling

This award recognizes stories told using in-line media, such as a graphic novel, magazine, recipe book, lookbook or any other type of story with in-line media. Nominate it by tagging it #VisualStory and #Wattys2016!


Is your story something completely different? Tag it #Trailblazers and #Wattys2016.

Writer’s Debut

To be eligible to win the Writer’s Debut Award, you must have written your first story in 2016. Tag your story #Wattys2016.

Hidden Gems

Is your story is a diamond in the rough and ready for its moment in the sun? Tag it #Wattys2016.

Voracious Reads

Curious whether your story was an addictive read? Tag it #Wattys2016 and Wattpad will let you know.

Talk of the Town

Does your story spark engagement and debates? Tag it #Wattys2016.

Collector’s Edition

Wattpadders collect their favorite stories as permanent in their libraries so they can revisit them. This category rewards the most added stories of the year. Tag it #Wattys2016.

New Voices

The Wattys are all about finding new talent and promoting undiscovered writers. Tag your story #Wattys2016.

HQ Love

The HQ Love award recognizes the stories that are most liked by Wattpad staff. Tag your story #Wattys2016.

People’s Choice

This goes to the stories that earn the most Wattpadder tweets, votes and hearts. If you’ve always wanted to have a say in which story claims a Watty, vote for your favorite story on Twitter on August 1. Sample tweet: I nominate “Story Title” #MyWattysChoice

International Wattys

Introducing awards for the best stories written in different languages. Go to the international profile for your country to enter.

There is a limit of one award per story but you can enter the same story in multiple categories.

Here are some of the rules and regs:

  • The Wattys are open to stories of all categories and ratings.
  • Your story must be fully available on Wattpad (excerpts are not allowed).
  • Your submitted story must be your own intellectual property.
  • You can enter from anywhere in the world.
  • Story must have been written in 2016, or updated with a minimum of three chapters in 2016.
  • Deadline to enter is August 31st, 2016.


  • Submissions Start: June 2016
  • Submission deadline: August 31st, 2016
  • Winners Announced: Fall 2016


Winning stories will be promoted on the Wattys profile, and other official channels, which may be and are not limited to Wattpad’s official social media pages, newsletters, and other communications.

You can find out more about the world’s biggest writing contest at Wattpad.