Amazon cuts KDP ebook minimum prices for eurozone countries

Amazon has reduced the minimum price that authors have to set for ebooks on Kindle Direct Publishing for European Union marketplaces.

The new minimum set for 35% royalties is now €0.89 (down from €0.99) while for 70% royalties the minimum is now €2.69 (down from €2.99).

The new minimums are for euro currency countries and cover Germany (, France (, Italy (, Spain ( and the Netherlands (

The 35% royalty options are dependent on file size with the €0.89 price available for files less than 3MB while the minimum rises to €1.79 for files between 3-10MB and €2.69 for files bigger than 10MB.

Minimum prices for the UK ( stay the same at £0.99 have been cut from £0.99 to £0.77 for 35% royalties (less than 3MB file) since the May 1 ‘fast-track’ scrapping of UK VAT on digital publishing and from £1.99 to £1.77 for 70% royalties.

The ebook minimum prices for the US ( also remain the same at $0.99 for 35% royalties and $2.99 for 70% royalties.

VAT (value-added tax) on ebooks has recently been cut in several European countries and Spain is the latest country to do so, slashing the rate from 21% to 4%.

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