Authors can now advertise multiple books in single ad campaign on Amazon

Amazon Advertising is now offering authors the ability to promote multiple books in a single Sponsored Product campaign.

The move means that indie authors and publishers can now:

•    Advertise different formats of the same book
•    Promote similar books using the same set of keywords
•    Add books to existing campaigns

Multiple books cannot be added to campaigns with custom text, which is a pity, particularly if you’re advertising different formats of the same book.

All ad campaigns will now have two statuses — campaign status and ad status. For example, a campaign can have a ‘delivering’ status, but individual ads within the campaign can be ‘paused’ or ‘delivering.

Amazon says authors may notice that campaigns previously marked as ‘paused’ or ‘not approved’ as displaying a ‘delivering’ status. However, the company points out that the campaigns will not be incurring charges unless an ad status is ‘delivering’. You can view your ad status by clicking the campaign name in your campaign manager.

This is a very useful move from Amazon Advertising, which recently widened out to cover the UK and German markets.

You can get more details about managing your ad campaigns here at the Amazon website and about creating a Sponsored Product campaign here at Amazon.

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