Kindle Vella bonuses continue slower increases as free-token cash for authors is extended to December

The July 2022 Kindle Vella bonus is set at $950,000, continuing the slowdown in monthly increases after the June bonus also rose by $25,000 to $925,000.

However, the good news for Vella writers is that Amazon will continue to compensate episodes unlocked using free Tokens at the 200-Token bundle rate until December 2022 after previously extending it to July 2022.

The Vella program has paid out nearly $9 million to authors since launching in July 2021 and, up to April 2022, the bonus amounts had been generally rising at the rate of $50,000 a month.

The monthly bonus amounts over the first year of Vella are:


July: $200,000
August: $450,000
September: $500,000
October: $550,000
November: $600,000
December: $650,000


January: $725,000
February: $775,000
March: $825,000
April: $875,000
May: $900,000
June: $925,000
July: $950,000

Grand total since launch in July 2021: $8,925,000

Publishing on Vella is still only available to US-based authors. The top faved Vella serial of the past year has been The Marriage Auction by Audrey Carlan which has had 177,000 faves.

If you’ve earned a bonus for July, you’ll receive an email and will see the bonus amount posted in your Kindle Vella Dashboard ( today. Your bonus and Kindle Vella royalty earnings will be paid out with your total KDP payments in September.
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